Gregarious “Greg” Narain

A System For Surviving Work, Startups and Life

Gregarious Narain

Gregarious “Greg” Narain has been at the forefront of social media marketing, influencer marketing, and product marketing for more than 20 years. In his illustrious career, Greg has helped drive marketing verticals – such as content management, email and customer relationship systems, and marketing research – with a focus on product development and launches.

Greg has been the founder of numerous startups in the influencer marketing space, as well as being the founder of his own agency that worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies on product development and business strategies. Greg brings his product experience to marketing by leveraging his experience and problem-solving skills to dissect industries, define problems and create innovative product solutions.

Most recently, Greg was the CTO and co-founder of Chute, a visual marketing platform serving the Fortune 500 that helped drive influencer engagement with brands connecting with passionate fans and customers. Prior to Chute, Greg was the first employee and vice-president of product at Klout, the startup that defined influencer marketing with its social influence platform.

Gregarious has spoken internationally at many leading industry events, including Cannes Lions Innovation, DreamForce, NAB, SXSW, AWS Re:Invent and is involved with numerous nonprofits and organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from New York University in Sociology.

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“A System For Surviving Work, Startups and Life”

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